Awamedica is a ground-breaking pharmaceutical company in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The company is registered with the Ministries of Health of Iraq and the KRI. The company is registered as an A class domestic manufacturer. Its products are available across Iraq.  

Awamedica was established in 2009 with the aim of producing high-quality medicines and tackling the problem of counterfeit medicine in the KRI. Since its establishment, the company has managed to help reduce the share of counterfeit medicine in the KRI significantly. Establishing Awamedica has also provided Iraqis with access to better quality medicine.

Established in 2009, Awamedica is the first state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturer in the KRI.

Quality Assurance

Awamedica has established a high-quality pharmaceuticals factory that complies with all international regulations, producing the same quality of products as those found in Western markets.

Awamedica complies with all the good manufacturing process (GMP) standards, international guidelines for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Awamedica has two ISO certificates (ISO 9001) and (ISO 14001) along with the GMP certificate. 

Additionally, the company has a department for quality control, which uses analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, stability studies, microbiology, and other areas to ensure the quality of its products. Awamedica carries out close checks on every stage in its production processes and ensures that everything complies with Western pharmaceutical regulations. The company has achieved its success by remaining committed to this high-quality production process.

Awamedica has a large quality assurance department to ensure that every aspect of production meets international good manufacturing process standards and everyone must follow this standard operating procedure.

International Partners

In the longer term, Awamedica aims to increase its international exposure. The company’s collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies ensures that the company follows high standards. The company’s facilities are inspected regularly by its international partners to ensure that Awamedica consistently meets their standards. Awamedica established a partnership with Sanofi, which is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, in 2011. These partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies help Awamedica to maintain its aim as a European-style company based in the KRI.


Awamedica currently has 120 products in the Iraqi market, with further expansion planned for 2020. For each of its products, the company currently has the capacity to produce enough medication to satisfy the demand in Iraq.

Awamedica currently has five lines of production approved: oral syrup, tablet, capsule, semisolid, and dry powder. Awamedica produces specific items for the treatment of chronic diseases like high-blood pressure and diabetes. The company is planning to produce new lines of production for ampoule lines, eye drop lines, ophthalmic lines, and sachet lines in the near future.

Production lineYearly Capacity — (Units)
Tablets2.4 billion
Capsules200 million
Liquids10 million bottles
Ointments & Creams10 million tubes
Dry syrups8 million bottles


Awamedica has over two hundred employees from six different nationalities. More than twenty of the company’s employees have a university degree in pharmacy or chemistry. Internal training programs make sure that all staff adhere to the highest international industry standards.


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