Elevating Elegance, Importing Luxury

Driven by the philosophy that ʻtrue value lies not just in the price, but in the quality received’—a sentiment echoed by the legendary Warren Buffett— TENET embarked on its journey in Erbil to bring unparalleled quality and elegance to the market. With their vast selection and unwavering commitment to quality, coupled with a strategic approach to accessibility and reliability, TENET stands as a gateway to a refined taste and luxury in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

TENET’s journey began with a clear vision: to enrich the local market, which was saturated with subpar products, by offering items that embody excellence in craftsmanship and durability. With this vision in mind, TENET has meticulously curated its catalog to include only brands that meet the company’s high standards of quality. This careful curation process is a testament to their dedication to providing true value to their customers.

While luxury retail is still in its early stages in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), TENET’s leadership acknowledges the growing demand for high-end products in the market. In response to this emerging trend, the company aims to expand its business model with a vision to shape the future of luxury retail in both the KRI and the broader Iraqi market.

We are more than just a retailer; we’re a symbol of luxury, quality, and enduring value in the market.

Dori F. Abouzeid, CEO, TENET GROUP

A gateway that connects the entire Iraqi market to a world of luxury.


TENET holds the exclusive distribution rights for RIEDEL, a prestigious brand renowned for its specially crafted crystal glassware for wine connoisseurs. With an extensive and unparalleled selection of RIEDEL products, TENET has firmly established itself as a leader in the luxury glassware market in Iraq.


TENET has also secured exclusive distribution rights for Nachtmann in Iraq. Nachtmann, the esteemed lifestyle division of RIEDEL, is globally recognized for its exquisite crystal whiskey glasses, along with plates, bowls, and vases, all reflecting exceptional craftsmanship.


TENET has taken the premium cigar market to new heights by securing exclusive reseller rights for Aganorsa Leaf in the Iraqi market.

Aganorsa Leaf — Major force in the world of Nicaraguan tobacco
Aganorsa cultivates about 1,200 acres in Nicaragua annually, making it one of the world’s largest tobacco grower. Notably, all their tobacco is cultivated using Cuban seeds.


At the heart of TENET’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to building and maintaining customer trust, a principle that forms a foundational pillar of their business. From online to direct sales, from delivery to after-sales service, every aspect of their operation is designed with the customer’s satisfaction in mind. By prioritizing the customer at every turn, TENET is setting a new standard for customer relationship in the market.


TENET’s attention to detail is exemplified in its meticulous handling of luxury items. Each crystal piece is stored under optimal conditions in the company’s standalone 15,000-square-foot storage facility, and every cigar box is also stored under optimal conditions in the company warehouse.


Recognizing the critical importance of logistics, TENET ensures safe and prompt product delivery, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and trust. The company prioritizes door-to-door and on-time delivery, guaranteeing that every product, from fragile crystal glassware to premium cigars, reaches the customer in impeccable condition.


With a keen eye on the evolving digital landscape, TENET is poised to usher in a new era of safe and reliable online shopping in Iraq. TENET’s online stores employ EV and SSL encryption, the most advanced and secure encryption technology currently available. Additionally, the company’s websites have achieved PCI certification, which requires passing approximately 2,000 security tests, demonstrating TENET’s commitment to protecting their customers’ data. The company’s focus on cybersecurity is further reinforced by regular audits. These ensure that TENET not only remains at the forefront of data privacy and cybersecurity but also maintains a flawless record in these critical areas.


In a bold move to merge consumers’ shopping experiences with cutting-edge technology, TENET is set to implement augmented reality (AR) in its online stores. This integration of AR technology represents a significant leap forward in online shopping, offering an interactive experience that allows customers to visualize products in a realistic and engaging manner. By providing customers with a more informative and reliable way to make purchasing decisions, TENET continues to uphold its vision of becoming a company synonymous with trust, value, and innovative customer experiences.

EBABYLONIA.COM: TENET’s Bold Foray into E-Commerce

In a strategic move to diversify and expand its digital footprint, TENET has unveiled its e-commerce platform, e-Babylonia. The platform is set to revolutionize the online shopping experience in Iraq and beyond.

E-Babylonia is being meticulously developed to ensure that every aspect, from product availability to delivery, aligns with TENET’s high standards. The online store will offer a wide array of products, including electronics, cosmetics, fashion, and home products. This expansion strategy demonstrates the company’s aim to position e-Babylonia as a one-stop-shop for quality and convenience, responding to evolving market trends.

What sets e-Babylonia apart is its vision to serve the entire Iraqi market. This ambitious goal underscores TENET’s confidence in their logistical capabilities. By extending their reach across all of Iraq, e-Babylonia is poised to become a major player in the Iraqi e-commerce landscape, further solidifying TENET’s position as a leader in the digital marketplace.

The Path Forward

In a world where the market is often dictated by price over quality, TENET stands apart. Its model is straightforward: to introduce products that not only meet a high standard of luxury but also enrich the lives of their users. TENET’s journey and its leadership’s vision position the company as an ideal partner for global luxury brands seeking expansion in the Iraqi marketplace. As TENET continues to grow and evolve, it remains a beacon of excellence in a market hungry for true quality.

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