Q&A: Sardar Al-Bebany

Sardar Al-Bebany, Chairman and CEO of Sardar Group, on the key driving factors behind Sardar Group’s growth and the company’s main priority.

What are the key driving factors behind Sardar Group’s growth?

One of the main driving forces of our growth was changing the company’s operating model from a family type to a corporate type with world-class standards. This move enabled us to establish clear corporate vision and principles, and to set up our strategy in order to reach our long-term goals. The process of building our corporate vision and how to get where we are today was crucial for us; we had many long discussions amongst the stake holders, formed a consensus and wrote down our every single decision we took on paper. We never stop pursuing our goals. We have reached the level of 80 percent of fulfillment of our vision, and our corporate governance and risk resistance have become much stronger than before.

What is the company’s main priority?

The main priority is to contribute constantly to the economic and social development of the country. Improving our customer-centered business model by offering various competitive services is also our foremost priority. We wish to become a “lifetime partner” to our customers.

Born with the desire to constantly innovate, I strive to blend our local expertise with international functionality, as I believe that things can and will only get better. Our mission is to serve Iraq and introduce international products that will contribute positively to the advancement of people’s lives and standards of living.

Sardar Al-Bebany, Chairman & CEO, Sardar Group

What differentiates Sardar Group from its competitors?

We are the official distributor of Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Hino. We have all the technical information for the products. We are able to perform warranty and recall services, which are not available in Iraq. Recalls should be properly registered and followed by the importer under the control of government, the same as in many other countries. As there are no such laws and regulations in Iraq, we perform such responsibilities voluntarily and as a duty to our customers.

What is your advice to the country’s youth?

First, education is paramount. Finish your studies! Work in international companies to gain world-class experience and learn processes and procedures. Do not settle in what you do. Never give up on your goals. Every logical idea will surely take place one day.

What is your motivation in life?  

My motivation is the country, and how to contribute to the development of the country.  

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