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Rwanga Book Project

In June 2018, Rwanga Foundation launched an annual book project entitled “Read to Lead”. The project aimed to encourage writers to write educational short stories for children related to the themes “Future, Kurdish Culture and Heritage, Innovation, and Daily Life”.

Rwanga announced the top six winners of the contest and held a book signing ceremony in April 2019.

Here are the top six winners of the contest:

  • Darin ba Kurdistanda Dagaret written by Latif Fatih Faraj
  • Dlgash w Taknalojia written by Shireen Ahmed Mzuri
  • Khawni Papulaiye written by Parwa Abdulqadir
  • Kotra Spyakam written by Danaz Kamaran Khoshnaw
  • Taknalojia w Zhian written by Susan Khairi
  • Rezi Mamosta w Drushmi Pol written by Salwan Fadhil

The best six written short stories published in a colored book. Rwanga printed twelve thousand copies and distributed to the schools and libraries across Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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