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Rwanga Foundation’s powerful story of building resilience and ingraining hope highlights the profound influence of collective efforts in overcoming challenges and fostering positive change in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and beyond.

Rwanga Foundation, a prominent non-governmental organization operating throughout Iraq, commenced its activities in 2013. It places a strong emphasis on key sectors such as youth, education, environment, and vulnerable groups. Since its establishment, Rwanga has successfully implemented 310 projects, positively impacting over 3.6 million individuals. The Foundation’s extensive reach and unwavering commitment to various sectors highlight its dedication to driving positive change and addressing crucial needs across Iraq.

Iraq’s heart beats with a dual rhythm of struggle and hope. Its turbulent history tells a compelling story of resilience amidst adversity. Despite facing significant internal and external challenges, the country navigates through conflicts. In the midst of this, the Rwanga Foundation emerges as a beacon of hope, particularly for the youth. It symbolizes a narrative of revival, where the passion of young people fuels rebuilding efforts and instills hope through impactful initiatives.

The Rwanga Foundation is deeply committed to empowering youth and works tirelessly to lay the foundation for a brighter future. By launching innovative programs and advocating for policies that expand and improve education in the KRI and beyond, the Foundation positions itself at the forefront of creating opportunities for young people.

Rwanga’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its efforts to cultivate a culture of learning and passion among the youth. The foundation aims to create lasting impacts by nurturing an environment where the new generation can fully realize their potential. Rwanga Foundation envisions a world where young individuals play a pivotal role in driving enduring and positive global change.

A nation that neglects its youth is a nation on the path to self-destruction.


Rwanga Foundation has outlined its vision for 2024 and beyond, which involves actively engaging in policy-making endeavors in addition to its existing initiatives in youth, education, environment, and support for vulnerable groups. By strategically involving itself in shaping policies, the Foundation aims to address challenges and make valuable contributions to social development in various sectors.


Over the past decade, the Rwanga Foundation has dedicated 27% of its projects to the youth sector. This considerable investment has positively impacted 1,234,013 beneficiaries, demonstrating the Foundation’s commitment to nurturing the potential of young people. Key components of these projects include delivering training courses, providing seed funding for startups and small businesses, and offering capacity-building programs. These programs cover essential skills, such as advanced training in coding and vocational skills, job placement, CV writing, work ethics, organizational behavior, and computer skills. Additionally, the Foundation has played a crucial role in encouraging youth involvement in volunteering activities, thereby fostering a sense of community and public service among the younger generation.


Since 2013, 30% of Rwanga Foundation’s projects have been focused on the education sector. These projects encompass school renovations, the provision of educational supplies to support schools, and the publication of educational materials in multiple languages for students. In the span of ten years, an impressive 1,155,907 individuals have benefited from Rwanga’s education-related initiatives.

Since its establishment in 2013, Rwanga has successfully implemented a total of 310 projects, benefiting an impressive 3.6 million individuals overall.


Rwanga Foundation has been a leading force in environmental conservation efforts in Iraq. Over the past decade, the Foundation has dedicated 10% of its projects to the environment sector, making a significant impact. These initiatives have benefited an impressive total of 470,599 individuals, demonstrating the Foundation’s commitment to this vital cause. Notably, the planting of 333,500 trees across Iraq stands out as a remarkable achievement, strengthening climate resilience in the region.

Rwanga Forest Project

The Rwanga Forest Project is a standout initiative that aims to bring verdant greenery to Iraqi lands, leading the way in rejuvenating the country’s natural landscape. Moreover, the Foundation has played a pivotal role in the One Million Oak Project in Erbil, a significant campaign designed to combat climate change and reduce pollution through large-scale tree planting. These initiatives highlight Rwanga’s unwavering dedication to environmental conservation and its role in fostering a greener future.

Beyond its national contributions, Rwanga’s commitment to environmental sustainability on a global scale was underscored by its exclusive invitations to participate in COP27 and COP28, where it was distinguished as the sole representative from Iraq. This recognition positions the Foundation as a key player in international efforts to promote ecological change and awareness.

Notably, the planting of 333,500 trees across Iraq stands out as a remarkable achievement, strengthening climate resilience in the region.

Vulnerable Groups

Since 2013, Rwanga Foundation has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for long-term resilience and development among the most vulnerable segments of society. Dedicated to addressing their needs, the Foundation has allocated 33% of its projects to the Vulnerable Groups sector over the past decade. As a result, 764,978 beneficiaries have received much-needed assistance and support. A key focus of the Foundation’s work has been supporting IDPs and refugees, aiming to help these individuals become economically independent and self- reliant. To achieve this, the Foundation has actively developed skills among vulnerable groups and supported the establishment of small businesses, including the encouragement of home-based business projects.

Youth Volunteers Initiative

The Youth Volunteers Initiative project, implemented throughout Iraq, aims to support young volunteers by helping them develop project proposals and participate in a competition to implement their projects for the greater public benefit. Initiated in 2018, the initiative has continuously provided funding to volunteer groups each year. On average, more than 13 groups receive funding annually to carry out projects within their communities. Since its establishment, the initiative has funded 80 projects, with a total of 308 million Iraqi Dinars.

1,000 Hopes

The “1,000 Hopes” project is a transformative initiative designed to shape the futures of 1,000 young individuals by providing them with opportunities for job placement and apprenticeships. Funded by GIZ and implemented by the Rwanga Foundation, the project focuses its efforts on sectors that promise sustainable employment—such as manufacturing, education, and agriculture—with the aim of equipping participants with the skills and experience necessary for long-term career success. At its core, “1,000 Hopes” embodies a proactive movement against unemployment, striving to empower communities through targeted support and development opportunities and sowing the seeds of sustainable, large-scale employment in the heart of the KRI.

Since 2013, Rwanga’s projects have provided much-needed assistance and support to 764,978 vulnerable beneficiaries.

Rwanga Annual Awards

The Rwanga Annual Awards offer a unique opportunity for Iraqi youth to showcase their abilities and foster their growth. This event celebrates the diverse talents of young individuals across Iraq in categories including short stories, painting, film, graphic design, scientific research, entrepreneurship, music, photography, poetry, and software development. Welcoming participants aged 15 to 25 from all walks of life, including refugees and IDPs, the awards provide a platform for youth to demonstrate their exceptional skills. More than just a competition, the Rwanga Awards act as a catalyst for creativity, confidence-building, and the reinforcement of the Iraqi spirit, nurturing the next generation of innovators and artists in Iraq.

Hope for the Future

Since its inception in 2013, Rwanga Foundation has made a profound impact, touching the lives of millions by undertaking a variety of diverse and impactful initiatives, particularly in the KRI and extending its influence beyond. By focusing on the potential of the youth, the Rwanga Foundation is actively paving the way towards a society that is more resilient, educated, and empowered. The significance of their work, both in scale and impact, continues to inspire and catalyze positive change, fostering an environment where opportunities for growth, learning, and development are readily accessible to everyone. The Rwanga Foundation’s commitment to nurturing and supporting the community’s progress underscores its crucial role in shaping a brighter, more inclusive future in the KRI and beyond.

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