Canada in Erbil

Ashley Durec, Head of the Erbil Office of the Canadian Embassy to Iraq, on relations between Canada and the Kurdistan Regio of Iraq (KRI).

On Canada’s office in Erbil

The main areas of our work are political relations with the KRG, human capacity development, trade, and cultural relations. We are working on promoting key Canadian priorities, such as security, good governance, and the empowerment of women in the KRI.

On IDP’s & Refugees

Canadian humanitarian assistance addresses the well-being and needs of IDPs and refugees. Canadian assistance includes the provision of health services, food assistance, addressing emergency shelter needs, and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) projects, such as the rehabilitation of water infrastructure.

On the trade ties between Canada and the KRI

Currently, most Canadian exports to Iraq enter the country via the KRI. These exports are primarily agricultural products, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, lumber and wood products, and vehicles.

On future cooperation

There is a lot of potential for the growth of cooperation between Canada and the KRI, particularly in agricultural research and education cooperation.

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