Good Governance

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is committed to economic diversification, transparency and the welfare of future generations.

The 9th cabinet of the KRG has announced various reform packages that focus on fighting corruption, promoting transparency of government revenues, boosting democracy, creating new economic sectors that generate jobs, the digitalization government services, and encouraging innovation across all sectors.

Here are the main pillars of good governance in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

1. The rule of law

Strong and independent judiciary is one of the most important part of any functioning democracy. A strong judiciary ensures that laws are followed by all, regardless of their power or wealth. Therefore, the KRG intends to create an atmosphere that the law does not discriminate between citizens and residents or between rich and poor in order to prevent miscarriages of justice and create a strong and independent judiciary.

2. Building a strong democracy

Every good nation needs to provide a forum where all its people can be heard. The Kurdistan Parliament, which has given the minorities a voice, reflects its people’s wishes and makes decisions that work for everyone. The proportion of ethnic minorities in the population as a whole and people from a range of different backgrounds are represented in the Kurdistan Parliament.

3. Business friendly

Kurdistan’s business environment is regarded as one of the most open in the Middle East. One of the main objectives of the KRG is to nurture a business-friendly environment for small and medium-sized enterprises and potential entrepreneurs. KRG is working towards creating an active, fair and open private sector.

4. Celebrating coexistence and tolerance

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is home to considerable religious and ethnic diversity. Kurdistan has provided a safe haven for minorities fleeing violence in the rest of the region. Thus, tolerance and openness are key factors for the government. KRG promotes peaceful coexistence between followers of different religions, and presents Kurdistan as a place where all religious groups live together peacefully and enjoy robust religious freedoms.

5. Economic diversification

KRG has continuously stressed the importance of diversifying its economy away from dependence on oil. As such, economic diversification has been placed at the top of the agenda of the 9th cabinet of KRG. The government intends to develop a diversified, sustainable economy that is integrated into regional markets. Creating new sources of income and developing new industries that are part of a knowledge-based economy are particular focal points, especially in tourism, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, healthcare, education, and IT.

6. Innovation

The KRG believes that Kurdistan’s future depends on its capacity to nurture a highly qualified young generation and to attract talented people and generate innovative ideas. Therefore, KRG gives special importance to building tech-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems in Kurdistan that will attract forward-thinking industry leaders of the future.

7. Efficiency and transparency

KRG has placed digital transformation at the core of its development strategy with the aim of making government more efficient and transparent. KRG’s digital transformation aims at creating a business landscape that is adapted to the digital world. KRG’s vision for digitalization will transform all aspects of society and business in Kurdistan.  

8. Future generations  

KRG takes into account the needs of the current and future generations. KRG’s long-term aim is not to pass problems, be they environmental, economic or social, on to future generations. Thus, KRG’s ministers have been designated the task of taking the KRI into the future on a firm footing by strengthening relations with its citizenry, ensuring the well-being of its people, sustaining progress, and providing for the welfare of the future generations.

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